Mini Data Center

Flex IT Mini Data Center

The Flex IT Mini Data Center, as the name suggests, is a self contained datacenter that is perfect for locations where there are no designated data center space. The built-in power distribution, back-up power, cooling system, fire suppression feature and secure cabinets, convert any room into a datacenter. Think of the FlexIT Mini Data Center as a modular small data center within your existing or new environment.

The FlexIT Mini Data Center is ideal for:
  •  Computer Rooms
  •  Medium Size MDF
  •  IDF Closets


  •  Quick Deployment - The Flex IT Mini Data Center is easy to deploy, efficient and easy to manage.
  •  Integrated Cable Management - Pre-engineered built-in copper and fiber patch panels create efficiency in cabling infrastructure.
  •  Futureproof - Easily migrate from 10G, 40G to 100G as your business needs change.
  •  Cost-effective - Pre-bundled and futureproof cabling design saves costs.
  •  Environmental Monitoring - Integrated environmental monitoring provides proactive alerts on temperature, humidity, airflow and equipment sub-performance within the Mini Data Center.
  •  Smart Exhaust - Provides optimal efficiency and preventive heat exhaust within each enclosure.
  •  Secure Access - Provides granular control on access, audits and engineers in the Data Center. It proactively monitors and alerts any triggers so you can handle cooling loss or fire hazards.
  •  Noise Reduction - Optional soundproofing is provided all around, for a less intrusive server cabinet. The front and rear doors are made of metal and tempered glass for sound and heat containment.

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