Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Data centers are often challenged with disconnects between the facility and IT infrastructure architectures and processes. These challenges are more prominent as virtualization creates a dynamic environment within a static environment. These fast changes in compute load, translate to increased power consumption and heat dispersal. If unchecked, these rapid increases in heat densities can cause additional stress on the data center's physical infrastructure, resulting in a lack of efficiency and an increased risk for overloading and outages.
When you want to accelerate your data center’s performance with the most optimal cost, you need to start with a thorough assessment of your center; what you currently have, where you need to upgrade and where to downsize. Data Center Infrastructure Management is one of DC Gears’ forte. DC Gears has the technical know-how and an aggregated industry experience through its top-notch tech team to analyze, design and implement the best IT solutions for ramping up your data center’s output.

DC Gears DCIM Assessment Plan

DC Gears data center infrastructure assessment plan will do a thorough check of:
  •  Data center layout and design
  •  Physical room analysis
  •  Environmental monitoring
  •  Power infrastructure
  •  Data and low-voltage cabling infrastructure
  •  Thermal load
  •  Conditioned air flow
  •  Computation fluid dynamics model
  •  Energy incentive services
  •  Security profile
  •  Remote access and control
After the above assessment, DC Gears will have a complete knowledge of customized upgrades to existing units, abandoning outmoded technologies and/or an expansion of the environment to improve performance and reliability.

Asset Tracking, Documentation and Provisioning Services

DC Gears is committed to implementing, monitoring and management solutions for a data center, as it enhances operational efficiency. To further support a client’s ongoing DCIM efforts, DC Gears provides ways to improve the efficiency of:
  •  Network management
  •  Documentation
  •  Asset tracking
  •  Data center provisioning

DC Gears DCIM service will:

  •  Improve impact analysis, minimize errors and reduce staff requirements associated with expansions, enhancements or routine changes.
  •  Enable proactive capacity planning and facilitate consolidation, relocation or expansion projects.
  •  Enforce adherence to redundancy requirements and design guidelines to ensure availability and business continuity.
  •  Reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) for outages.
  •  Increase speed and efficiency for new application deployments.


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